International Research Report


The US National Cancer Institute

In the preliminary study, 9 patients who had suffered from lung cancer, breast cancer or Melanoma had been undergone β-glucan clinical treatment in order to testify the effectiveness of β-glucan on cancer. As a result, when β-glucan was applied, the cancer cell was shrunk obviously, this phenomenon could be occurred as fast as 5 days. It was because β-glucan stimulated the white blood cells to kill the cancer cells.


Norway Toromso University

In the clinical research, β-glucan like radiation can activate macrophage and NK cells to kill the Melanoma or mast cells within 72 to 92 hours.


Kitasato Institute in Japan

In the experiment, fatal quantity of Listeria virus was injected into the body of mice. After feeding β1,3-1,6 Glucan to the mice, the living rate can be upto 71%. This result can be testified that β1,3-1,6 Glucan can resist Listeria virus and have mighty power on sterilization becauseβ- Glucan can strengthen the immune system.

(Experiment report dated Sept.29, 2003)


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