SEL Health Products Ltd., a subsidiary company of Sweetisland Enterprises Ltd., was established in Feb. 2004. Its major business is engaging in the trading business of a series of Japanese health products namely " Mahou" ().

Mahou was researched and developed by Aureo Co. Ltd. in Japan in 2000. During the past years, the business turnover of Mahou was substantially increased because of the amazing power of β-Glucan and the strong demand from their customers. β 1,3 – 1,6 Glucan is the best component in β-Glucan which can strengthen our health. Since β-Glucan is a natural and safe substance, there is no side effect. Its GELly shaped product can be easily absorbed by our body.

Aureo Co. Ltd. has also developed a brand-new product AUREO FOR PET in 2004. It is a natural health food supplement for pet. The major ingredient β-Glucan have been tested and can activate the immunity function in small intestine which are highly recognized by world-wide research institutes. Its Jelly shaped product, can mix with water and all pet food, easy absorbed by your pet.

Besides, our company has directed a new series of breast-up products from Japan in 2006. It contains a large amount of Pueraria Mifica, which help to stimulate women hormone inside body, therefore it is effective to breast enlargement. It can also help the skin and hair moisturizing, prevent body ageing, reduce wrinkles coupled with solving different types of annoyance.

In return for our customers support, we will do our best to recommend other natural health products in the coming time.





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