Does your pet have any hidden health problem?

Nowadays, our pet has been living longer and longer because of the improvement of their living habit. Nevertheless, they are also facing some human being diseases such as cancer, aids or diabetes.



The reason why our pet becomes overweight is absorbing too much calories from the daily meal & also in lack of exercise. Besides, stress can be easily stored in their body which let them fall into the greedy trap.


Increasing stress

In principle, animal should live in nature. However, pet is currently being feed and living with people. It is so difficult for them to release their stress which will cause the function of immune system declining, stimulate internal acid and disturb their secretive system.



Now, pets like human being are living longer and longer owing to the improvement of the living conditions. Aging will cause the immune system and the function of other organs declining.


β-Glucan have amazing power to cure pet's daily disease

Cancer or diabetes are not only happening in human being, this diseases have also been increasing in the world of pets. Beta-glucan is identified as an effective substance to improve animal health condition.

Our Beta-glucan is safely cultivated by microorganism “Aureobasidium Pullulans” in which β1,3-1,6 glucan is the best functional ingredient. Since Beta-glucan is a natural substance, there is no side-effect. Also, other natural contents are phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. GELly shaped solution is more easily be absorbed and mixed with other pet food.

Mr. S. Hiruta (Director of Hiruta animal clinic in Japan) has commented that “Beta-glucan” has excellent result on healing cancer and Melanoma in animal even though the malignancy is very serious. He also committed that Beta-glucan is an effective medicine for cancer in animal duodenum and digestive system. Moreover, “Beta-glucan” can also be applied on infected animal skin.

Beta-glucan has dominant power to take control of internal or external bleeding, alleviate the poor appetite, without vitality, allergic skin diseases, diabetes, cataract or other diseases which will cause your pet loss of weight and energetic.


Immunity Study by The Kitasato Institute in Japan

Experiment 1 Inject fatal quantity of Listeria virus to the body of the mouse.
  • 4 days later, the whole group of mice being fed by the physiological saline water was found death.
  • About 71% mice being fed by β-Glucan 2 weeks ago still alive.
Experiment 2
  • Listeria virus were still found growing up in the body of the mice which were fed by physiological saline water.
  • The infestation of Listeria virus were suppressed in the body of mice owing to β-Glucan being given.
Experiment 3 An examination on mice being fed β-Glucan, huge amount of anti-bodies produced from immunity cells were found in their small intestine.


[Aureo for pet]

Nutritin per 100g

Calories 4kcal
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 1.2g
Sodium 12.3mg
1,3-1,6 Glucan Above 480mg


Dosage : 0.6ml/kg

Weight   15ml/pack 6ml/pack
Below 2 kg 1/8 pack 1/4 pack
About 5 kg 1/4 pack 1/2 pack
About 10 kg 1/2 pack 1 pack
About 20 kg 1 pack 2 pack
Above 30 kg 1.5 pack 3 pack


Beta-Glucan Evidences


Koro has recovered from her 'Breast Cancer' under the treatment of β-Glucan

Reported by Miss Yoko Oda in Shimane Prefecture, Japan.


Miss Oda has a beagle dog named Koro. Although she is 11 years old, she is healthy.



Three year ago, a tumor as small as a bean was found in her left breast. Gradually, the tumor had grown as big as her face (photo 1 : about 13 cm length & 2 cm thick). In order to let Koro to walk easily, we need to use a cloth to tie up the tumor. Under this situation, she had lost her appetite and was unwilling to go out for a stroll. We had the intention to bring her to a veterinary hospital for a medical examination, but she is so scared that we finally gave up this arrangement.

Nevertheless, we phoned the veterinarian and explained the incidence in detail. As informed, Koro was suffered from 'Breast Cancer'. However, it was too risky for Koro to undergo an operation because of her age. Finally, we selected β-Glucan as her final medicine, diluted with water and let Koro drink. Stink pus were flowing from the infected breast after a week and this phenomenon was continuing for 2 weeks. It was so incredible that the tumor was shrunk to about 2 cm after drinking β-Glucan for 1 month (photo 2). Besides, her appetite and activities (photo 3) have also been recovered.

During the one year treatment period, her health condition has been improving. Currently, she became so fat that she had to put on a diet. We thank β-Glucan to save Koro's life.


Other cases


Pet's name Mouse
Type Dzungarian Hamster
Disease's name Abdominal tumor
Dosage of β-Glucan per day 0.5 ml
Drug Vaytril
Consumption period 1 month
Hospital name Higashi Hashimoto animal hospital


Pet's name Dog
Type Chihuahua
Age 16 year and 11 month
Weight 1.8 kg - 2.4 kg
Disease's name Melanoma
Dosage of β-Glucan per day 12 ml (6 ml x 2, times a day)
Drug Prednisone
Process Resume the appetite after 1 week - Stop bleeding after 1 month - Tumor disappeared after 4 months
Status Bleeding, Anaemia, poor appetite and under weight.
Consumption period 4 months
Clinic's name Hiruta animal clinic


Pet's name Dog
Type Paco
Age 3 - 5 months
Weight 1.5 kg - 3 kg
Disease's name Akarasu
Dosage of β-Glucan per day Feeding 6 ml and putting 6 ml on its face
Drug (Before applying β-Glucan) Iberumekutin,bath drug(After applying β-Glucan)Vitamins(Pancal G)
Consumption Period 2 months
Hospital name Higashi Hashimoto animal hospital



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